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After School Enrichment Classes!

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Fall 2017 After-School Enrichment Classes

Please see the flyer for more information.

Monday : Taiko
Tuesday: Bento making and Japanese Cooking
Latin Cuisine Cooking
Wednesday: Nihon Buyo
Soroban (Japanese abacus, math)
Latin Arts and Crafts
Thursday: Kendo (Japanese Samurai Fencing)
Shamisen (Japanese Three-Stringed Musical Instrument)
Friday: Latin Dance (Salsa, Samba, Afro-Brazilian, Mexican Ballet Folkloric and more!)

Silent Auction Class Basket Winners

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Because of the generous donation from Otafuku company, Japan’s leading Okonomi savory sauce manufacturer, we could present prizes to top 12 classes which made the most money for ALLEM, to pay your child’s adjuncts in the classroom.

Top Three classes also will receive hi-chew, Soft chewing candy! Thanks to Morinaga, Japan’s leading confectionery company.

The Silent Auction Committee will deliver the prizes sometimes this week. Please plan to distribute to all students in your class if your class is one of the winning classes.

Here is the list of the winners!!

1. Sra. M. Martine’s  Class

2. Sra. Bell’s Class

3. Mstr. Paul’s Class

4. Sra. Duron’s Class

5. Mstr. Miller’s Class

6. Sra. Ixta’s Class

7. Sra. J. Rodriguez’s Class

8. Sra. Romero’s Class

9. Ezaki sensei’s Class

10. Sra. Espinoza’s Class

11. Sra. Padilla’s Class

12. Sra. Covarrubias’s Class

Thank you for your support!

Kumiko Sasamori

Silent Auction Chair

Silent Auction has finally arrived!

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Hello El Marino Families!

Silent Auction has finally arrived!

Be sure to check out BOTH Auctions this year. ( Two different auctions, different items! )

  1. Online Auction
    The auction site is now open! (bidding closes March 24, 10:00 am)
  2. Silent Auction
    Wednesday, March 23 – Doors open at 5:00 PM-8:30 PM
    Silent Auction Catalog 2016
Online and Silent auction catalogs will be posted

As you peruse the catalog, think of all the many people you will need to buy gifts for in the next year. Think of Holidays, Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Weddings, Teacher Appreciation and more! You can basically do your shopping for the next year, at the auction.

Thank you to all the Teachers, Staff, Individuals and Companies that generously donated to the Auction!!!

View auction rules here.

Will be posted on the back wall of the auditorium. If you have more than one child, than check under both class lists. If you do not have a bid number, please let Auction committee know. Additional bid numbers can be assigned during auction. For non-EM families, a photo ID and credit card will be required.

Room Parents, please bring them Wednesday morning by 9:30am to designated area near the cactus garden so we can set them up. Remember to bring them wrapped and have a contents sheet with price. Thank you!

Enjoy Japanese (Tokyo Doggie Style), Italian (Mangia) and Empenadas Trucks and PTA Bake Sale!

Day of Auction  Volunteers Needed !
We start setting up around 9:00 AM to about 5:00 PM. You DO NOT have to volunteer for the entire time, but these are the tasks we need help with.

Before Auction

  • Set up tables
  • Remove items from bin
  • Tape down bin sheets
  • Place items with bid sheets
  • Put up category signs
  • Arrange class baskets

During Auction

  • Monitor class baskets
  • Collect bid sheets
  • Bouncers (all merchandise must be paid for before leaving the auditorium)
  • Runners (verify prices, answer questions, Buy It Now)
  • Help process winners for check out (Class baskets, perishables, and very large items have to be paid for and taken home that night)

After Auction

  • Crew to put remaining items away
  • Bundle winning items (another day)
  • Distribute winning items (another day)

Thank you! See you all at the Auction!
Silent Auction Committee

Silent Auction Update

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Silent Auction is March 23, Open House Night!
Two Ways to Participate ALLEM Annual Auction *new this year!

  1. Silent Auction
    Catalog is posted near cactus garden.
    Auditorium Door opens at 5pm March 23 for you to browse items and bid.
    Enjoy PTA bake sale and Japanese, empanadas and Italian trucks!
  2. Online Auction
    The auction site is now open!
    You can see the items donated so far.
    Bidding starts March 16. 8:00 am
    Bidding closes March 24. 10:00 am

Please register as a bidder on the website.
You need the following information to successfully register:

  • -Name
  • -Email address
  • -Phone number
  • -Address1: Classroom number and teacher name
  • -Address2: Child’s name
  • *Registration is open to El Marino families and staffs only. If we can’t verify your identity, we will delete bidder registration.

    Auction Committee Needs Your Support!
    We need your support for Auction!!
    [Donate items]
    Items over $20 value
    New with tag
    We are in need of items!! We are over 200 items short compared to last year.
    Please stop by to drop off your donation near the cactus garden. We will be collecting your donation items every morning and some afternoons.
    [Volunteer on March 23, 2016]
    Setting up (morning)
    Basket assembly (morning)
    Support the event (evening)

    Email us if you can help at:

    Please support in any ways you can.

    More than 25% of your child’s adjunct’s salary is paid by Auction proceeds!