ADVOCATES FOR LANGUAGE LEARNING EL MARINO (ALLEM), a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization at El Marino, raises money to provide a native-speaking language support provider (an adjunct) in every classroom at El Marino Language School. This allows the teachers to give more individualized attention to the children in their classes. Adjuncts are fluent in the target language and converse with the students only in this language. This greatly reduces the student-to-teacher ratio and allows the teacher to break the class up into smaller groups, either to provide special attention to those who need it, or to allow the students to take on more interesting and complex projects.

EL MARINO LANGUAGE SCHOOL is a public elementary school that offers two language immersion programs, the Spanish Immersion Program [SIP] and the Japanese Immersion Program [JIP] in Culver City California. The goal of both programs is for students to master grade level content while learning to speak, understand, read and write in both English and the target language, either Spanish or Japanese.