ALLEM Leadership

We are pleased to usher in a new approach to ALLEM’s leadership by introducing, not one, but two Co-Presidents and two Vice Presidents that represent both our Spanish Immersion Program (SIP) and Japanese Immersion Program (JIP).

In this way, we hope to achieve a strong communication and partnership across the languages we speak and cultures by which we live at El Marino.

Sehnita Joshua Mattison
SIP Co-President

Sehnita has a son in 5th grade and a daughter starting Kindergarten in the SIP. It was to be their only year at the same school so now they will be even closer at home together. Sehnita is hoping that she'll finally be able to learn Spanish with the second kid, if only to insure they don't gossip about her behind her back. She believes the adjuncts have been critical to the immersion program and the El Marino community. Sehnita works in television and news production. She serves on the board of the Culver City Arts Foundation and is active with her son’s Cub Scout Pack 79.

Bobbi Shiflett
JIP Co-President

Bobbi has three children at El Marino. After her oldest made it to 4th grade she and her husband decided to have a 4th child, simply to ensure their lifelong attendance at the school. More than EM, Bobbi loves the people and children that make up our school.

Contact: bobbi@allelmarino.org

Dale & Pamela Collingwood
VP of Fundraising

Dale and Pam are the parents of two daughters; their oldest is in first grade in the Japanese Immersion Program and their youngest is in preschool but can't wait to join her sister at El Marino in a few years. They are thrilled to be part of the El Marino community and feel very lucky that their daughters will be educated in Japanese. Dale and Pam are both in-house attorneys at Los Angeles-area companies.

Archit Chivakula

Archit has a 5-year old son in JIP Kindergarten, and a one month old son. Archit works for PwC as a Management Consultant. Archit lived, travelled or worked in over 15 countries. He is honored to be able to support ALLEM, and by extension El Marino.

Contact: architspeaks@gmail.com

Sayaka Karitani

Sayaka has a 6-year old daughter in JIP first grade.  She is excited and honored to be part of ALLEM to continue the work by the outgoing board and officers.

Contact: sayaka.karitani@gmail.com

Shizuki Yamashita
Financial Secretary

Shizuki has a daughter in second grade and is a total rock star!

Contact: shizuki.yamashita@gmail.com

Hilary Ketchum
Recording Secretary

Hilary has a 10-year old Son in SIP 5th grade and an 8-year old son in SIP 2nd.  She is a recovering actor who now works for Merrill Lynch Private Bank.  She is honored to be joining ALLEM and beyond grateful to have her kids at this amazing school.

Contact: hilaryketchum@gmail.com

Paavo Monkkonen

Paavo has a 5 year old daughter who is loving SIP Kindergarten. He is a product of the SIP (back when it was at El Rincon) and as such very excited to be a part of El Marino and ALLEM! He is a professor of urban planning at UCLA but lived and worked in Mexico for many years.

Contact: monkkonen@gmail.com

Maximina Juson Revis
SIP Co-President

Maximina has a 7-year old son in second grade, and alum daughter who now attends CCMS.  In addition to being a working mompreneur and User Experience Architect, Maximina runs Digital Communications for the EMPTA.  As a child of a retired United Nations peacekeeper, Maximina is extremely thankful to be a member of El Marino’s international community.

Contact: maximina@allelmarino.org

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