Adjuncts who are present in the classroom are fluent in either Japanese or Spanish. Their job is to model the target language for the students. They are an additional resource for the children in the classroom in every context.

Who pays for them? You do. With your help, ALLEM raises the money to pay the salaries, tax obligations, workman’s compensation, and payroll expenses so that the teachers can have another resource for modeling the target language for your children.

Interesting facts about the adjunct program:

Since the inception of the adjunct program at El Marino in 1989, we have been fortunate to have these invaluable resources in each classroom. None of this is paid by the school district or the state!

Did you know… that our SIP adjuncts have a combined total of more than 100 years working at El Marino?

Did you know.. that our SIP adjuncts come from more than 5 Latin American countries combined?

Did you know…that some of our JIP adjuncts have taught elementary school or are teaching in other schools?

Did you know… that our SIP adjuncts have 11 children and 4 grandchildren who have graduated from El Marino?Did you know … that more than 98% of ALLEM’s budget pays for an adjunct in each classroom for 1 ½ to 3 hours a day?

Our adjuncts make a difference in our children’s education! Take the time to meet your child’s adjunct, or better yet, ask your child to get to know his/her adjunct! Our adjuncts are the best! Please be a contributor to ALLEM and help keep our Adjunct Program going strong!

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