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Japanese Cooking (flyer, fall 2017)
Latin cooking


Nihon buyo
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Latin Dance


Grades 2nd to 12th
Dates January 8 – – 4/30
Contact Lara Embry
Apply Taiko Application Form

Taiko is a musical tradition with deep roots in Japanese culture. The Taiko drums that are used in our classes were made by a very dedicated group of parents some years ago. There are only so many drums and therefore, the size of the classes are limited. Because Taiko takes time to master, it is a progressive class.

Due to the increased number of students who are staying in Taiko, openings for Taiko will only be available to students in second grade.  The child who would start in second grade would then move on to the intermediate and advanced classes in third through fifth grade. (Occupancy allowing.)

Application fliers will be distributed to all 2nd grade classes and must be submitted by the due date. After all timely applications have been received there will be a lottery, if necessary, to fill the small number of open spots in beginning taiko with first graders.

Also note: a crew of parents is NEEDED to take out, set up, then put away the drums for each class. It goes quickly with an organized crew. Sign up for this essential job.

Japanese Cooking

grades 1st to 5th
dates 9/5 – 12/5
contact Kumiko Sasamori

Students learn how to cook simple Japanese food and how to prepare cute Japanese bento box.

Latin Cooking

grades pre-K to 5
dates 9/5 – 12/15
contact Sra Ordaz and Sra Carmen

Do you want your child to try and explore new foods? Would you like to learn gastronome from around Latin America? This is a fun hands-on and delicious class.

Nihon Buyo

grades K to 12th
dates Oct – Jan
contact Mari Miyashrio Yoko Decker

Nihon Buyo is generally known to be a style of dance originating from Kabuki dances, most of which were made during the Edo Period.  Nihon Buyo literally means Japanese dance, ‘Nihon’ meaning Japan and ‘Buyo’ meaning dance. This class is taught by Bando Hidesomi,who has been training since age three through the Bando School and later received the title of Shihan (Master’s Degree) in Japan. Nihon Buyo offers classes from kindergarten through fifth grade. An advanced class is also offered to middle schoolers and high schoolers with prior experience.

Soroban (Japanese Abacus)

grades 1st to 5th
dates 9/13 – 12/6 (tentative)
contact Marika Kawano

Soroban is a human-powered “natural calculator” that helps students increase their: math understanding, concentration, memorization, mathematical and reasoning skills. Concepts reinforced include: carrying & borrowing, 5 and 10 and complementary numbers, relationship between concrete & abstract numbers, and mental calculation.

Passport to Latin American Arts and Crafts

grades pre-K to 5th
dates 9/6 – 12/20
contact Sra Ordaz and Sra Carmen

Learn artisan art from around Latin American. We’ll talk about culture, geography, and history. We will do a Dia del Los Muertos Calavera that will be displayed at the Halloween Carnival Altar, and a personalized mini piñata just in time for Posada celebration. And on the last day, we’ll celebrate with snack size food from around Latin America.


grades K to 5th
dates 9/7 – 12/7
contact Mari Miyashrio, Shizuki Yamashita

Kendo is a way to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the katana (Japanese sword,) to mold the mind and body, cultivate a vigorous spirit, and through correct and rigid training, strive for improvement in the art of Kendo, hold in esteem human courtesy and honor, associate with others with sincerity and to forever pursue the cultivation of oneself.

illustration kendo

Check out the kendo flyer for more info.


grades K to 5th
dates 9/14 –
contact Saika Hirahara

Latin Dance

grades K to 5th
dates 9/2 – 12/15
contact Sandra Petrella

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