Silent Auction Class Basket Winners

Because of the generous donation from Otafuku company, Japan’s leading Okonomi savory sauce manufacturer, we could present prizes to top 12 classes which made the most money for ALLEM, to pay your child’s adjuncts in the classroom.

Top Three classes also will receive hi-chew, Soft chewing candy! Thanks to Morinaga, Japan’s leading confectionery company.

The Silent Auction Committee will deliver the prizes sometimes this week. Please plan to distribute to all students in your class if your class is one of the winning classes.

Here is the list of the winners!!

1. Sra. M. Martine’s  Class

2. Sra. Bell’s Class

3. Mstr. Paul’s Class

4. Sra. Duron’s Class

5. Mstr. Miller’s Class

6. Sra. Ixta’s Class

7. Sra. J. Rodriguez’s Class

8. Sra. Romero’s Class

9. Ezaki sensei’s Class

10. Sra. Espinoza’s Class

11. Sra. Padilla’s Class

12. Sra. Covarrubias’s Class

Thank you for your support!

Kumiko Sasamori

Silent Auction Chair

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