Lisa Gallagher

Lisa has two sons in JIP at El Marino – one in 4th grade and the other in 2nd grade.  Lisa is half Japanese and learned Japanese during her elementary school years in order to speak with her live-in grandmother, who didn’t speak English.  Fast forward many years, and Lisa and her husband, Ryan, were delighted to discover El Marino and to be able to give their boys the opportunity to learn Japanese too.  An added bonus is that it has led Lisa to dust off the cobwebs and rediscover her Japanese language skills!  Lisa firmly believes that the TLSPs are a critically important piece of El Marino’s approach to language immersion, and is glad to be a part of ALLEM.  Lisa is the CFO of a small software company in Culver City.  She also serves on the Board of Trustees of the DRI Foundation, a non-profit that supports the Desert Research Institute’s scientific research and outreach.